Monday, March 16, 2009


Happy Birthday to our BIG 4 year old. Because school has been taking up so much of my time we didn't have a "friend" birthday party, but Friday night we decided to have a little Cluff Family party and gave Riann her presents from Dustin, me and Brax. She was so excited to finally get to open them after 3 days of waiting. The present from Brax was a princess kite and after I wrapped it she said, "Mom, can I open my kite present? I said, No, it's not a kite and she yes it is because that's what a kite looks like!" Man, 4 years old and already guessing presents, nothing gets by her. She still acted suprised after she opened it. We had a little homemade cake and ice cream and I think Brax enjoyed it more than she did. He ate the whole thing, she just ate the frosting.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Riann's Pictures are in!!

Here are Riann's 4 year old pictures. Well it's a couple of days early, but who would ever know if I didn't tell you. She was so excited to get them. The lady was so good with her and she loved looking at the TV to see what she looked like after the lady took the picture. It makes me sad that she is already 4, but she is so much fun to have.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brax's 1st Year Pictures...!!

So I finally decided to get Brax's 1 year pictures taken even though he is already 16 months old. Our appointment was supposed to be at 4:00p.m. He had just got up from his nap, so I thought this was going to be great. He was going to smile and take lots of cute pictures. Well it turns out, they were behind and we didn't get in till 5:00p.m. Yeah one grouchy kid, he kept flopping on the table and grabbing everything she tried to put by him, so these are the only two pictures we got of him, but I think they are adorable. Look for Riann's to be posted in March, she will be 4 and is so excited to get her's taken.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Oh how we love Halloween, dressing up and especially all that CANDY!! Riann decided that she wanted to be a witch about a month ago. We had a little issue with her costume, I ordered it about two weeks ago off the internet, it didn't show up until two days before Halloween and they sent us the wrong size. I e-mailed the lady and she said she would overnight the right size to us and hopefully we would get it in time for Halloween. It came about one o'clock and it was still really short, Grandma Jann to the rescue!! She was over in Show Low and happen to stop by as I was about to leave for Wal-mart to get some material to fix it. We decided to take the skirt off the wrong sized dress and add it to the other one. She made it look really cute and long enough so she could wear it to the Trunk-n-Treat. So she was our "Fairy Witch." I had seen a child costume for a scarecrow that looked simple to make, so I decided that's what Brax was going to be. Sew a few patches on a shirt, cut up the sleeves and make a little hat, notice the crow on top, and he was set. We filled our bucket full of candy at the Trunk-n-Treat, made our rounds to see the grandparents and then hit the sack. Well not really, they were so hyper from all the candy but we had a great time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yummy Sugar Cookies!!

I'm sure you have all tasted those delicious, soft, sugar cookies you buy at Wal-mart. I told Riann that if she was good at the store, I would get her some cookies. Naturally she would pick "hot pink" but thats ok. Brax kept trying to grab my cookie so I decided to give him his own. We were watching TV and Dustin got up to get a drink and said, "Abbi, come look at this!" Holy cow, it was everywhere, in his hair, eyes, clothes. As you can probably tell, he really enjoyed that cookie. There wasn't much left. Next time, we will go for the white frosting.

Spaghetti for Dinner

We has spaghetti for dinner the other night and it was Brax's first time of having any real type of table food. I gave him his own bowl and he went to town with it. We decided to strip both kids and let them eat because we know it is always going to make a mess. These are the photo's that came from our yummy dinner.

Riann's Preschool

Riann was so excited to start preschool. She actually goes to the one at the High School and her classroom is right by her dad's. He takes her to her class each morning and brings her home when he comes for lunch. She absolutely loves it and Dustin loves having her right by him. Because he is gone so much during the week with teaching and football, this is his chance to spend a few extra minutes with her each day. She loves to paint, play with playdough, but most of all she loves to swing on the playground outside. Her teacher told Dustin, "I have never met a kid that loves to swing as much as Riann does." We are so proud of her, she is the youngest in her class, but does not mean she is the slowest. They had a track and field day and she took third place!! I can't believe she is old enough to go to school, but she loves all the friends she is making.